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Words are like Honey...

Two words: TEACHER. TIRED.


There's a difference!

May is that time of the year where we may see an increase in undesirable student behavior. Despite all the efforts that you as a teacher have put in, there are some things our of our control like: state testing, schedule changes, end of year parties and other activities, and the mere fact that students are READY for summer break. However, it is important to continue utilizing our morning meetings to build community and reinforce positive behaviors. One way I LOVE doing this is by using picture books! One of my all time favorite reads is "Taste Your Words" by author Bonnie Clark. In this book, the main character struggles to use her words to spread positivity. Throughout the story, she learns that words have POWER and that our words can hurt, heal, and be used for GOOD. This FREE read aloud is linked below!

I have created an interactive read aloud lesson using a sticky note template. All you have to do is PRINT AND GO! Never used sticky note templates before? I found a tutorial on how to print sticky note templates and posted the link to the website below for directions.

After completing this read aloud, I had my students do a BEAN BOOZLED TASTE TEST! These jelly beans come in all sorts of DELICIOUS and DISGUSTING flavors. This was definitely a core memory lesson and helped my students to LITERALLY taste some YUMMY flavors (positive words) and NASTY flavors (unkind words). You can find these Jelly Belly beans at Five Below or online!

*This blog contains an affiliate link to Amazon! I receive a small commission if you use the link below. I appreciate your support!

Download ODP • 1.35MB


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