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Beginning of the Year Freebies and Ideas!

I love starting the year off building strong communication with students and parents! One of the ways I begin building a joyful classroom culture is through my postcards to students! Before open house, while students are enjoying summer break, I sent home a fun postcard (like the one below from Amazon). I write a simple message to the students about how excited I am to meet them. Instead of simply signing my name, I cover my name with a scratch off sticker to add a little mystery! Plus, who doesn't love a scratch off sticker?! It makes meeting students at Open House so much more fun and builds the connection in a small way! If you click the pictures below, it will take you straight to Amazon! :)

I also enjoy sending home a Get to Know the Teacher Letter during Open House when I first meet students and parents. It typically has some simple facts about me, my intentions for the year, and a photo! To make the letter extra special, my partner teacher and I recorded a read aloud of, "Tomorrow I'll Be Brave," to help students get ready for the first day of school. Overall, it's an easy way to share a little about yourself and beginning building strong communication. Click the picture below to make your own copy of my template if this is your vibe!


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